LDM®-Triple with 2 sonotrodes (#1 and #2)
Art.- Nr.: 712-80

  • Sonotrode: 5 cm², 1/3/10 MHz and 5 cm², 3/10/19 MHz
  • 1 bottle of ultrasound gel
  • Operating instructions

(H x W x D): 185 x 485 x 300 mm
Weight: 8 kg

The Ultrasound machine has two different Triple-Technologies:

Triple Technologie mit 10MHz
Triple Technologie mit 19 MHz

The attractive design of LDM®-Triple (alo called LDM-Gold) has been combined with user-friendly operating elements. Acoustic and visual signals tell the user if the machine is being operated incorrectly and make it easy to use without mistakes.  

All sonotrodes are made of high-quality stainless steel and titanium, which does not cause allergic reactions, and have a ring-shaped illuminated contact indicator, which promotes optimal working with the device. This offers the customer the highest possible security and the treatments are uncomplicated.

An attractive stand makes the machine mobile, allowing it to be positioned at the area to be treated quickly and easily.

Stand for LDM®Triple
Art.-Nr.: 918-12
Stand with glas plate for LDM®Triple
Art.-Nr.: 918-15
Contact gel, 250 ml
Art.-Nr.: 910-11
Contact gel, 5 l canister
Art.-Nr.: 910-15