The progressive therapy for
the treatment of pain

Pain can be acute or chronic and often restrict movement and our everyday work. Chronic pain has long since ceased to act as a warning signal and tend to appear as an independent symptom of illness.

With the LDM®-HP machine, two revolutionary technologies (LDM®Plus and the 10 MHz frequency)  have also finally arrived on the health market to beat the problem of "pain".  

LDM®-HP is one of the four high-tech machines in the LDM® range from Wellcomet® and was specially equipped for pain therapy with the most frequent pain indications. With its 21 program settings, it can treat muscles, tendons and joints effectively and painlessly.

The LDM®-HP is an important and innovative tool in today's pain therapy sector, both as a standalone therapy and in combination with physiotherapy, osteopathy and other therapy methods.  

Depending on the treatment area in which the LDM®-HP machine is specifically used, it can also be upgraded with a series of dermatological indications which are in great demand in therapy practices in particular.

Some applications

Pain indications
  • Arthrosis / Arthritis
  • Backache
  • Shoulder pain
  • Rupture of a muscle fiber
  • inflammation
  • Hematoma / Contusion
The LDM®-HP stands out from other pain therapy machines principally because of its  LDM®Plus technology (Local Dynamic Micromassage) and the 10 MHz frequency which, in a weaker form, were initially integrated only into the cosmetic machines in the LDM® line.

LDM®Plus is a further enhancement of LDM® technology developed to meet the specific requirements of modern medical applications. This technology allows the individual frequencies to be mixed variable (1 and 3 MHz or 3 and 10 MHz) in one LDM® wave and can thus offer even greater efficacy in treating the damaged tissue.

What makes the application of LDM®-HP in pain therapy so special?

The LDM®Plus technology in the LDM®-HP creates a thermal, biochemical and mechanical effect at the same time. All three effect levels are important for the regulation of dynamic processes in the connective tissue, since main painful illnesses can be traced back to an imbalance in the collagen metabolism. For this, LDM®-HP can effectively activate or inhibit various matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and molecules in the HSP family (HSP = Heat Shock Proteins).

Many pathological processes in the body are often connected with damage to various macromolecules. The fate of molecules of this type is generally controlled by the above-mentioned HSPs. The local stimulation of HSPs is consequently one of the most modern treatment strategies in many pathologies.

Most pain therapies only use 1 and 3 MHz frequencies. LDM®-HP, on the other hand, can also emit an ultrasound wave with a frequency of 10 MHz. This frequency can control the production of specific active substances in the area of the pain and thus quickly acts to soothe pain. Furthermore, the 10 MHz frequency with a penetration depth of just a few millimetres also offers a major advantage in the treatment of dermatological disorders, since ultrasound waves of this type are absorbed mainly within the damaged layer of skin.