Wellcomet GmbH develops and markets leading technologies for the medical and aesthetics sectors based on the highly regarded scientific expertise acquired by its director, Ilja Kruglikov, Doctor of Natural Sciences, over many years.
These technologies play a major role in achieving convincing, long-term results in the areas of medicine and aesthetics.
Wellcomet® sees itself as a dynamic, learning company that offers great development prospects and encourages potential in its staff.
In its research and development and in product manufacture, Wellcomet® strives to reach the highest standards of quality.
As a company with aspirations, Wellcomet® employs staff who are well trained and able to take responsibility, in line with its motto of "Excellence, progress and sustainability in everything that we do!“.

We provide committed employees with a motivating working environment in an innovative company with good development prospects.

If you are interested in working with us, we would be delighted to receive a fully detailed application from you, to be sent to: