Ecoderm®line with 1 Sonostrode (3cm²)
Art.-Nr.: 705-80

Scope of delivery

  • Sonotrodes: 3 cm² or 5 cm²
  • instruction manual

Sizes of the machine: (h x w x d): 160 x 430 x 275 mm
Weight: ca. 8,0 kg

The device is designed to be very user-friendly. In order to make operation as easy as possible, the number of operating elements has been kept to a minimum. Various acoustic and optical signals in the device warn of incorrect operation and make the application uncomplicated and error-free.

Depending on whether the device is assembled in the Basic, Master or Professional version, it has either the pure 10MHz technology or the dual LDM[high]®[/high] technology or the TRIPLE LDM[high]®[/high] technology, which forms a unique TRIPLE wave through a variable mixing ratio of 3 (three) frequencies and thus enables an even more individual and demand-oriented modulation of the connective tissue.


  • Basic:

    6 programs
  • Master:

    9 programs
  • Professional:

    9 programs plus shorter treatment time
  • Individual parameters
The device can be equipped with 3cm² or 5cm² sonotrodes.

The device remains mobile on an attractively designed stand and can be placed quickly and conveniently on the area to be treated as desired.

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