For a beautiful skin appearance

Skin rejuvenation using equipment-based techniques is very popular, because professional equipment can generally produce more effective therapy results which, most importantly, can be seen quickly.

The LDM®-Sonoskin with its two innovative ultrasound technologies is the basic machine in the LDM® range of equipment from Wellcomet® and was developed specially for cosmetic applications.

The machine has a clear, easy-to-use choice of programs ranging from wrinkle treatment through to various body applications. The LDM®-Sonoskin thus covers a broad spectrum of indications and allows the user to work rapidly and effectively with a number of different aesthetic indications.

Some applications:

  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne
  • Hypertrophic scars/keloids
  • Acne scars
  • Pre- and post-liposuction treatments
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite
  • Sonophoresis

What effect does LDM®-Sonoskin have on tissue?

One of the most important requirements for a beautiful, healthy skin appearance is the balance between the build-up and breakdown of the connective tissue. As skin ages or if it suffers from problems such as acne, this balance is generally disrupted and has to be re-regulated.

While conventional ultrasound systems only use standard frequency settings of 1 and 3 MHz for this, with the LDM®-Sonoskin, the unique dual-frequency ultrasound known as LDM®(Local Dynamic Micromassage) and the integrated 10 MHz ultrasound wave are applied.

LDM® technology combines two ultrasound waves with different frequencies into one unique "hybrid wave", thus creating special pressure gradients in the tissue. In this way, the production of collagen and elastin can be specifically influenced and the state of balance in the tissue improved.

The advantage of 10 MHz ultrasound waves lies in the fact that their strong effect is concentrated mainly on the surface layers of skin such as the epidermis and dermis. Because the half value depth of this frequency is just 0.3 cm, it is particularly suitable, for example, for treatment of the facial skin.

The LDM®-Sonoskin often produces a positive "wow effect" straight after one application. For even better results, the LDM®-Sonoskin can be used in combination with other machines/methods. The machine is already used successfully in many institutes for treatment before and after plastic surgery.