LDM®Medical-SPA with 2 sonotrodes (# 1 /  #2)
Art. no.: 701-80

  • Sonotrodes: 2.5 cm², 1/3 MHz and 1.2 cm², 3/10 MHz,
  • 2 bottles of ultrasound gel
  • Operating instructions

Size of machine: (H x W x D): 160 x 430 x 275 mm
Weight: approx. 8.0 kg

The machine has been designed to be very user-friendly. To make operation as easy as possible, the number of operating elements has been kept to a minimum. Various acoustic and visual signals tell the user if the machine is being operated incorrectly and make it easy to use without mistakes.

Unlike the LDM®-Sonoskin verfügt LDM®Medical-SPA über die LDM®Plus technology which, by variably mixing different frequencies in one LDM® wave, makes it possible to modulate the connective tissue on an even more personal basis tailored to individual needs. Up to 2 W/cm² for individual programs and  3 W/cm² for individual settings mean that treatment times are shorter so that you can work faster.

  • 16 fixed programs with automatic sonotrode replacement:
  • 7 fixed "SPA-Standard" programs
  • 9 fixed "SPA-Special" programs
  • Individual settings

High-quality titanium treatment heads with a ring-shaped illuminated contact display provide maximum safety and minimize undesirable effects for both the client and the operator.

The machine is fitted as standard with sonotrodes #1 and #2 and can be expanded individually if necessary with the following sonotrodes to suit your specific treatment requirements.

Sonotrode #1: 1.2 cm²; 3 and 10 MHz and/or LDM® 3/10 MHz
Art. no.: 710-10
Sonotrode #2:  2.5 cm²; 1 and 3 MHz and/or LDM® 1/3 MHz
Art. no.: 710-11
Sonotrode #3: 5.0 cm² ; 1 and 3 MHz and/or LDM® 1/3 MHz
Art. no.: 710-12

A 10 cm² sonotrode specially developed for body treatments (1/3 MHz) allows you to work effectively on applications over larger areas, such as the tummy, bottom and thighs.

Sonotrode #4: 10.0 cm²; 1 and 3 MHz and/or LDM® 1/3 MHz
Art. no.: 710-13

An attractive stand makes the machine mobile, allowing it to be positioned at the area to be treated quickly and easily.

Stand for LDM®Medical-SPA
Art. no.: 918-00
Contact gel, 250 ml
Art. no.: 910-10
Contact gel, 5 l Canister
Art. no.: 910-13
Canister dispenser
Art. no.: 910-14