SKIN AURA® incl.1 hand piece. 75 caps ( per 25 caps type 1-3)
Art.- Nr.: 801-80

  • 75 Easy-Change Caps
  • instruction manual

Sizes machine: (H x W x D): 1150 x 350 x 430 mm
Weight: 15 kg

SKIN AURA® is a touch-screen operated powerful device with a maximum output power of 85 watts. It works non-invasively and can be used all year round. With the intelligent Skin-Measuring System, impedance measurements are carried out in the respective treatment area before each application. These then ensure controlled and safe working during a treatment. Individual parameters such as energy density and pulse duration can be adjusted at any time on the monitor using the touch screen.


  • RF currents of SKIN AURA® are suitable for all skin types

  • The process is safe and low in side effects and has low downtime
  • Pre-treatment measurements monitor the treatment and ensure effective and correct working
  • Individual parameter adjustments during the treatment are possible at any time and are easy to carry out
  • Depending on the condition of the skin in the area to be treated (cheeks, forehead, etc.), an electrode adjustment may be necessary during treatment. This is supported in SKIN AURA® by the patent-pending EASY-CHANGE System
  • SKIN AURA® is equipped with a handpiece for bipolar electrode caps
  • The light weight and ergonomic design of the RF handpiece makes the treatment procedure very comfortable for the user
  • By using the disposable caps you always work under optimal hygienic conditions

Caps-set Typ 1, consisting of 25 caps
Art.-Nr.: 800-21
Caps-set Typ 2, consisting of 25 caps
Art.-Nr.: 800-22
Caps-set Typ 3, consisting of 25 caps
Art.-Nr.: 800-23
Box for caps
Art.-Nr.: 800-20
hand piece
Art.-Nr.: 800-10


Gel, 250ml
Art.-Nr.: 910-11
RF Spray 250ml
Art.-Nr.: 910-30
Gel, 5 l Canister
Art.-Nr.: 910-15
Dispenser for canister
Art.-Nr.: 910-14