The innovative anti-aging procedure with intelligent radio frequency technology

The patented non-invasive RF technology of Wellcomet® is based on the latest scientific findings and represents a worldwide novel treatment method, that enables precise working in the  boundary layer DERMIS-SUBKUTIS, which has so far received less scientific attention.
The focus of the RF treatments is especially placed on the stimulation of reactive dermal adipocytes(dWAT-dermal white adipose tissue).


Ageing processes of the skin are basically connected with the reduction of fat deposits and changes in the local fibrosis of the tissue.
The adipocyte reduction takes place by reduction of individual adipocytes, cell death or by differentiation of these cells into other cells (e.g. fibroblasts). These processes are always associated with a local volume loss in the tissue.


With the modernSKIN AURA® device the direct focus is on the interaction of the dermal adipocytes located in the boundary layer with the structures of the dermis above.

The Goal:

to achieve a visible increase in tissue volume caused by an adequate and precise heating of the adipocytic tissue of the boundary layer through cell volume increase, cell number increase and new formation of fibrotic structures.

While the the main target in conventional RF procedures is neocollagenesis by selective heating or induced "micro-injuries" of the skin, the SKIN AURA® procedure focuses on the targeted stimulation of the dWAT cells of the fat tissue, with the aim:

Modulation of the extracellular matrix by fibrosis

RF-System comparison


  • The Skin-Measuring System carries out a skin impedance measurement (skin resistance) during the treatment before each emitted impulse and thus enables precise monitoring of the emitted energy in the selected treatment area and thus safe and area-related working.

  • The easily exchangeable magnetic Easy-Change caps (#1-3) are used depending on the skin condition (thin-thick skin) and allow, thanks to their different electrode configuration, a targeted concentration of the RF current in the area of the dermis-subcutaneous border.

  • This boundary layer contains the dynamic dermal adipocytes. These cells do not form an inert mass and can react to an adequate heating with an increase in volume, cell proliferation and fibrosis of the extracellular space.

Conventional RF-systems

  • Previous RF systems mainly concentrate on epidermal-dermal skin layers. Some of them use a so-called recurfacing procedure, which aims at the formation of new collagen by fibroblasts via micro-injuries.

  • With a total thickness of the dermis layer in the facial area of just 0.2-1.5 mm and the simultaneous production of collagen-degrading matrix metalloproteinases to maintain the balance in the connective tissue, the effect is often short-lived and limited.

  • High downtimes due to intensive ablation are often observed as side effects.

  • Applications using disc-shaped RF electrodes often involve the risk of skin burns at higher current densities.

Fields of application

  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Tightening